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Sports Injury Management

Sports injuries, whether in an elite or recreational athlete require specialized care. This care can range anywhere from performance enhancement, to injury prevention, to the effective and efficient treatment of an injury if and when one occurs. Sports medicine encompasses the care for participants of all ages and all levels from recreational to professional.

The main parameters of Sports Injury Management include:

  1. The knowledge of the mechanism of injury. This will assist with both the diagnosis and with the development of preventive strategies for continuing activity.
  2. Early intervention to minimize the development of chronic tissue changes, ie. Weakness and scar tissue.
  3. An accurate diagnosis of the condition or injury allowing for correct therapeutic decisions and a realistic prognosis. This will ensure the athlete knows what to expect with goals regarding range of motion, strength, and return to play.
  4. Appropriate, sport specific, goal-oriented and intensive treatment.
  5. Objective and functional assessment measures that take into account the requirements of one's specific sport.
  6. A graduated and safe plan for return to activity. Different aspects of the sport will be introduced in a precise order to minimize the risk of re-injury.
  7. The development of injury prevention strategies will be followed by a performance enhancement approach to continue and advance the athlete toward any potential aspirations/ambitions.

In our office we provide specialized care for athletes from National Hockey League players to recreational league players. Most athletes consult with us for the treatment of their acute and/or chronic injuries that have negatively impacted their function. The most common injuries are those that are significant enough to notably decrease their performance or even prevent them from competing. Many athletes also receive care throughout the season for the prevention of their injuries and to ensure they can continue participating for the entire season. Although not as widespread, our elite athletes will often choose care in order to enhance performance. At the upper levels of competition, sometimes the smallest advantage will mean the difference between winning and losing.

One important advantage we help athletes achieve is assisting them in setting up a sport specific off-season training plan that takes into consideration their injuries. The off-season is an excellent time for athletes to rehabilitate their injuries accumulated during their long, intense, and demanding season. After proper off-season training, it is always enjoyable to start your season stronger and more prepared than ever before.

No matter what your level of competition, it is important your concerns are addressed on an individualized basis. Whether we are treating an acute injury, revisiting an injury that happened years ago, or pushing past a performance plateau, we will help you recognize your goals and provide you with the options and tools to achieve them.